About Us

With rising costs of fossil fuels, the importance of finding renewable energy sources is becoming more and more important. As fuel options go, nothing is quite like wood. Using wood as an energy source goes back thousands of years – to the first fires, really! If you’ve ever cuddled up in front of a fireplace then you know the warmth and the atmosphere that you feel. 

Prairie Pellet is proud to be a responsible environmental solution provider by recycling wood products. Our wood Pellets are mainly made of wood cutting waste, and that wood waste is the byproduct of wood working factories, lumberyards, and sawmills. This means that our pellets are a recycled, reclaimed product, and that is good for the environment. 

Wood pellets are manufactured as fuels for plants, homes, and other applications in between. Pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low moisture content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned with very high combustion efficiency.

The small pellet size allows for automatic feeding with very fine calibration. They can be fed to a burner by auger feeding. Their high density also permits compact storage and sensible transport in pallet quantities. A broad range of pellet stoves, central heating furnaces, and other heating appliances have been developed and marketed since 1999. With the surge in the price of fossil fuels, wood pellets are a sensible and economical alternative

Pellets are produced by compressing the wood material which has first passed through a hammer mill to provide a uniform dough-like mass. This mass is fed to a press where it is squeezed through a die having holes of the size required (normally 6 mm diameter, sometimes 8 mm or larger). The high pressure of the press causes the temperature of the wood to increase greatly, and the lignin plastifies slightly forming a natural "glue"  (natural from the content of the wood for no chemicals are added) that holds the pellet together as it cools.

 A fully automated pellet stove requires filling up with the pellets and turning on, the stove does the rest: it automatically lights, automatically feeds the pellets into the flame with an auger, and automatically adjusts the rate to keep the room at a pre-set temperature with an electric thermostat

The energy content of wood pellets is approximately 8500 BTU/lb

High-efficiency wood pellet stoves and boilers have been developed in recent years, typically offering combustion efficiencies of over 85%. 

Prairie Pellet manufactures a 40 lb. bag which we stack on a pallet (2200 lb. pallet). Call us for your special order in any quantity and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.